Monday, 18 July 2016

Mr Frank's Holiday - Exploring

During term-time I spend most of my time either at work or at home. But during holiday time there is time to explore different places. This holiday I've been exploring the native bush around my place and also around Rachel's house in Upper Hutt.

Yesterday, Wilco the Psycopathic Dog and I went exploring the bush in the Akatarawa Forest. Running along the track, we found this amazing old dam. It's called the birch wood dam and it used to supply all of Upper Hutt's water supply. The water spilling over the edge looked stunning, a man-made waterfall!

Having time to go exploring and checking out new places is brilliant fun. During term time there isn't always time to find out where a track leads, or wander off the beaten track. When I get the chance to explore different places in the holidays it is always amazing what I find.

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